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Northeastern University Held the symposium of Setting a Scientific “13rd Five Year” Plan
Release date: 2015-11-11  Browse Number: 594

October 21st, our university held the symposium of setting the “13rd Five Year” Plan at the Room 402 in the Han Qing Hall. The general manager in the university purser department of Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property and Technology Group Mr. Sha Lizhou, gave a report to the cadres above the deputy departmental level with the title of "Based on Scientific Decision Making and Curriculum Planning". President Zhao ji, Vice President Wang Fuli attended the Symposium. And Changsheng Liu, the Director of the Department of Development Planning and Discipline Construction presided over it.

Sha Lizhou elaborated the challenges and opportunities which universities may face during the “13rd Five Year” Plan from the perspective of Ministry of Education Degree Center for Discipline evaluation, the main international university rankings, Double First Class Construction in Universities, reform of scientific and technological system. And he also suggested universities to determine their own goals of development and orientations as well as establish scientific evaluation system and incentive measures.

Meanwhile, the data Mr. Sha Lizhou used included the reference trend of highly cited papers about graphene; cases of patents applied in different fields; the subjects before 1% of ESI database; disciplines fields of the Web of Science database.

President Zhao ji concluded, Northeastern University must grasp important strategic opportunity of the "13rd Five Year" Plan firmly to construct a research university; a research college; a learning administration. The staff of each department should make full use of scientific statistical methods to have a reasonable planning and a scientific decision. And everyone should try their best to be an excellent educational worker and make more contribution to the preparation for Northeastern University’s “13rd Five Year” Plan.