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The Studies and Discussions about “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” Organized
Release date: 2015-11-11  Browse Number: 661

Oct. 28th, Party branch of the Department organized party members to study and discuss “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” according to the spirits of related documents 《Regarding About Forwarding the Notification 》 and 《Notification About Doing a Good Job of Election of Grass-Roots Party Organization》. And it also organized the party branch general election. All the party members of the Development Planning and Discipline Construction attended it and the Director Liu Changsheng presided over theseminar.

During the seminar, Deputy Director Xie Yinbo elaborated the compiling work of《The First Draft of Northeastern University’s 13rd Five Year Plan》from five perspectives—Northeastern University’s development current situation and the analysis of the situation; the guiding ideology and basic principles of the plan; strategic objectives and orientation; strategic themes and tasks; implementation and evaluation. All the party members communicated and discussed thoroughly.

The general election created the new party branch committee with the method of secret ballot.

At last as Liu Changsheng pointed out, all the party members should fully understand that the compiling work of “13rd Five Year” Plan is the center of the current work and the important task. And we should discipline ourselves strictly and put the “13rd Five Year” Plan into the school’s overall development to scheme and think, improving the level of theory and work constantly.