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A Discussion Meeting of the Preparation of Robotic Science and Engineering College (RSEC) Was Held in NEU
Release date: 2015-11-11  Browse Number: 610

A discussion meeting of the preparation of robotic science and engineering college was held by NEU in Han Qing Assembly Hall, Room 308, September, 23rd. Sun Quan, the director of Digh-tech Department of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology, with NEU’s President Zhao Ji, Vice President Wang Jinkuan and Wang Jianhua attending this meeting. A systematic demonstration about this preparation was made by a professional group composed of experts from domestic well-known universities in the field of robotic and relevant corporations. Wang Jianhua presided over this meeting.


During the meeting, president Zhao pointed out that robot will be the intermedium between people and intelligent machine, and robotics will be  the symbol of country’s technological innovation level and high-end manufacturing level. The robot in the future will closely combine with all kinds of new technology such as clouding computing, advanced material and a new generation of artificial intelligence, so as to broaden the fields and achieve intellectualizing. He said the preponderant disciplines that NEU has now will give a strong support to the newborn robotic, and the development of robotic will, in turn, strengthen the preponderant disciplines. He showed that the robotic science and engineering college which is established by NEU and Shenyang institute of automation, Chinese academy of sciences, along with Shenyang SIASUN Robot & Automation Corporation will give a full play to the combination of industry-university-research corporations, moreover, it will help to introduce the talents both domestic and abroad in our school, achieving the economic transformation and upgrading in Shenyang, strongly promoting Shenyang into an internationally robotic industrial base, and finally speed up the construction of establishing comprehensive national innovation reform experimental zone.


Sun pointed out that in the process of deepening the reform of technological system and mechanism, and the government would give a strong support to the intelligent robot and its manufacturing. He said he had paid much attention to the RSEC which was the first college in robotic field among all the “985 projects” universities. He thought the establishment will certainly solve the insufficient specialist problem in the robotic field and boost the local economic development.


Liu Changsheng, the Director of Development Planning and Disciplinary Construction Department reported the construction scheme of RSEC to experts, and they unanimously approved this conception and initiative.


The experts said that the establishment of the RESC is an important act, and it will help to build a top-ranking discipline. They strongly recommended NEU speed up its preparation work, and suggested the Liaoning government and Shenyang government provide them finance and policy support. They hoped that this establishment would make greater contribution to world-class robot industrial base.