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Administration Management
Advanced Energy Materials and Equipment
Analytical Chemistry
Applied Chemistry
Applied Mathematics
Arabic Language and Literature
Asian-African Languages and Literatures
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Basic Principles of Marxism
Biochemical Engineering
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Biological Information Technology
Biological Mechatronic Engineering
Biomedical Electronics
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Imaging
Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Cell Biology
Chemical Biology
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Metallurgy
Chemical Process Equipment
Chemical Technology
Chemistry and Physics of Polymers
Chinese and Foreign Political Institution
Chinese Philosophy
Civil Law and Commercial Law(including Science of Labour Law and Science of Social Security Law)
Communication and Information Systems
Computational Mathematics
Computer Applied Technology
Computer Software and Theory
Computer Systems Organization
Condensed Matter Physics
Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
Control Theory and Control Engineering
Corporate Management(including Financial Management, Marketing, and Human Resources Management)
Cricuits and Systems
Criminal Jurisprudence
Design Science
Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment
Development History of  Marxism
Developmental Biology
Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering
Ecological Town and Green Architecture
Education in Ideology and Politics
Educational Economy and Management
Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Thermophysics
English Language and Literature
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science
European Languages and Literatures
Ferrous Metallurgy
Finance(including Insurance)
Fluid Machinery and Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
Foreign Philosophies
French Language and Literature
Functional Materials and Device
Fundamental Mathematics
Gartography and Geographic Information Engineering
General  and Fundamental Mechanics
Geodesy and Survey Engineering
Geodetection and Information Technology
Geological Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
German Language and Literature
Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering
History of Science and Technology
History of Science and Technology of Metallurgical Engineering
History of the Communist Party of China(including the Doctrine of the Party and Party Building)
Human Movement Science
Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Indian Language and Literature
Industrial Catalysis
Industrial Economics
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Ecology
Inorganic Chemistry
International Law(including International  Public Law, International Private Law and International Economic Law)
International Politics
International Relations
International Trade
Japanese Language and Literature
Juris Master(for those whose bachelor degree is law)
Juris Master(for those whose bachelor degree is not law)
Labor Economics
Land Resource Management
Legal History
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages
Logistics Optimization and Control
Management Science and Engineering
Manufacturing Information Science and Technology
Master of Applied Statistics
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
Master of Engineering(Architectural and Civil Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Biomedical Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Chemical Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Computer Technology)
Master of Engineering(Control Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Electrical Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Electronics and Communication Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Environmental Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Geological Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Industrial Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Logistics Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Material Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Mechanical Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Metallurgical Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Mineral Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Power Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Project Management)
Master of Engineering(Safety Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Software Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Surveying and Mapping Engineering)
Master of Engineering(Vehicle Engineering)
Master of Fine Arts(Art and Design)
Master of Fine Arts(Music)
Master of International Business
Master of Professional Accounting
Master of Public Administration
Master of Science in Physical Education
Master of Translation and Interpreting(English Interpreting)
Master of Translation and Interpreting(English Translation)
Master of Translation and Interpreting(Japanese Translation)
Materials Electromagnet Engineering and Science
Materials Physics and Chemistry
Materials Processing Engineering
Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments
Mechanical Design and Theory
Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
Mechatronic Engineering
Metallurgical Reaction Engineering
Metallurgical Resources Recycling Science and Engineering
Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
Mineral Powder Materials and Engineering
Mineral Processing Engineering
Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration
Mining Engineering
Municipal Engineering
National Defense Economics
National Economics
Navigation, Guidance and Control
New Energy Materials and Technology
Non-ferrous Metallurgy
Operational Research and Cybernetics
Organic Chemistry
Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics
Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
Philosophy of Culture
Philosophy of Design and Art
Philosophy of Marxism
Philosophy of Science and Technology
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Physical  Chemistry of Metallurgy
Physical Chemistry(including Chemical Physics)
Physical Electronics
Plasma Physics
Political Economy
Political Theory
Power Electronics and Power Drives
Power Machinery and Engineering
Power System and its Automation
Probability and Mathematics Statistics
Public Finance(including Taxation)
Quantitative  Economics
Radio Physics
Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
Regional Economics
Resources Exploiting Decision and Digital Mine
Russian Language and Literature
Safety Science and Engineering
Safety Technology and Engineering
Science of Economic Law
Science of Environment and Natural Resoueces Protection Law
Science of Ethnic Traditional Sports
Science of Military Law
Science of Procedure Laws
Science of Religion
Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement
Signal and Information Processing
Social Medicine and Health Management
Social Security
Software Engineering
Solid Mechanics
Spanish Language and Literature
Structural Engineering
Study on  Marxism Abroad
Study on Chinalization of Marxism
Study on Modern and Contemporary Chinese History
Systems Analysis and Integration
Systems Engineering
Systems Theory
Technology Economy and Management
Theoretical Physics
Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering
Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training
Thermal Power Engineering
Tourist Management
Vacuum and Surface Engineering
Vehicle Engineering